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June 17, 2019

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Curriculum vitae. Ottawa Sun (left), The Maple Leaf, Canadian Vocational Journal, The Maple Leaf.


Capital!Freelance writing refreshing, fun
I enjoy contributing to Canadian government and private-sector magazines and newspapers as a freelance Writer – work is readily available and varied enough to keep me fresh. I've written for the Air Force 75th Anniversary Fleet/Wing...  more

The Maple Leaf; Navy trades adDesign is welcome change of pace
Freelancing as a Designer of ads, inserts, newsletters and other products feeds my perennial need for artistic endeavour.
I create maps, logos, communications products, training and technical manuals, and items such as posters, flyers...  more

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Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces String Ensemble members Sergeant Natalie Deschesnes (violin, left), Sergeant Hillary Fay (viola), Sergeant Amie Bilodeau (piano) and Corporal Anthony Bacon (cello) entertain guests after the Battle of Britain Ceremony held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, on September 21, 2014.Air Force Public Affairs a breath of fresh air
My 13-month assignment with Director Air Public Affairs is now a permanent deployment, both challenging and fun! It's a step back into the work I love best – interviewing, writing, and editing. I write stories for the Royal Canadian Air Force news website and edit...  more

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penHeadquarters job proves a surprising change
Government downsizing pulled the rug out from under me and then slid in its place one of the more interesting and challenging jobs I've had at Defence. Minister's Correspondence Unit writers are tasked with crafting responses to the thousands...  more

The Maple LeafEditing always a welcome respite
Returning to Government of Canada bilingual tabloid publication The Maple Leaf as English Editor was a bit like going home – while there were few challenges, I was in a comfortable place, working with talented, dedicated people, doing what...  more

Military Personnel pagesChief Military Personnel launches comms product
As Communications Advisor for and Editor of the new Military Personnel pages of the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces newspaper The Maple Leaf,
I was responsible for seeing that the transition from...  more

Canadian Forces Personnel Newsletter; final issue English frontCMP offers challenges, opportunities
My primary role as a Writer and Editor for Chief Military Personnel was Managing Editor of the monthly tabloid Canadian Forces Personnel Newsletter. This bilingual Government of Canada publication, now stood down, covered CF human...  more

Unsung Heroes: Canadians Helping Canadians in the Face of DisasterCreative writing keeps public informed
Serving as a Creative Writer with Maritime Staff Public Affairs provided me many pleasures. I am proud to have contributed to Operation Apollo: The golden age of the Canadian Navy in the
war against terrorism
, a book written by Canadian naval...  more

The Maple Leaf; Navy pageMSPA great intro to senior service
Working as Navy Editor of the Government of Canada bilingual tabloid publication The Maple Leaf was an interesting facet of my Maritime Staff Public Affairs work. Being responsible for the content of the Navy pages—copy, headlines, cutlines...  more

Canadian Vocational JournalDesktop publishing opens doors
As the Desktop Publisher of the Canadian Vocational Journal,
I took full advantage of the chance to explore both vocational education and magazine design and layout. I solicited, organ-
ized and edited copy; checked sources; acquired...  more

The Maple LeafCompany paper always challenging
I relished the daily challenges working as an English Senior
Editor of the Government of Canada bilingual tabloid publication The Maple Leaf. The work involved checking sources, editing copy and consulting with writers, and choosing photos and art. I was...  more

Ottawa SunDaily work everything under the Sun
"What doesn't kill us makes us strong" can be said with absolute certainty about working as a Journalist on a tabloid daily. The Ottawa Sun provided me the opportunity to experience virtually every facet of daily newspaper work, from covering...  more

Students teach tutor
Tutoring in broadsheet design and layout at Algonquin College offered a rewarding window on the ideas of the next generation of newspaper designers. My lessons included news judgment and hierarchy, design and layout principles (and shortcuts), and QuarkXPress and PhotoShop.

Algonquin Times anniversary issueCommunity paper trial by furor
The Algonquin Times as gave me my first opportunity, as the Editorial Editor and as a Journalist, to participate in every stage of broadsheet newspaper production. The work included writing news articles and briefs, features and community...  more

Aggregate Producers' Association of Ontario Operations Tour GuideAPAO work multifaceted pleasure
The Aggregate Producers' Association of Ontario hired me as a Writer/Designer to create communications documents, pamphlets, technical manuals, itineraries, brochures, maps and PR material. As well, I did the interior architectural...  more

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Doctors Without Borders PhotoRelief websiteWeb work requires balancing act
Nothing calls for more of a balance of precision (coding) and daring (hitting that "upload" button knowing your work will be instantly available worldwide) than working as a Website Designer/Webmaster. I designed and maintained Algonquin Times...  more

BHS offers first kick at design can
As the secretary and treasurer of the Barrie Horticultural Society, I managed grant and membership monies, donations and fees. As well, I wrote, designed, laid out and published pamphlets, study guides, PR material and a quarterly newsletter, and organized community events.

Teaching garners great satisfaction
My first volunteer teaching experience at Oakley Park Public School in Barrie, Ont., involved working with seven Grade 1 children who were having difficulty beginning to read. They had documented learning disabilities and/or attention deficits and/or no exposure to books or reading as...  more

The Spirit of EastviewRadio debut a fascinating experience
My stint as a CKBB Radio Host on Eastview Secondary School's The Spirit of Eastview was a very steep, nerve-wracking, public learning curve – and fun. The job involved writing and timing scripts, interviewing, co-ordinating call-in segments, and reading news...  more

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